• Diverse Design and Construction ('D.D.C.') is an Architectural firm with a distinguished project portfolio. Adorned by luxury condominiums in Beverly Hills, custom homes, apartments, commercial retail and mixed-use projects.

  •  Established in 1987, by M. Michael Naim, A.I.A. who is a 1980 graduate from Pratt Institute, School of Architecture, Brooklyn, New York.

  • Mr. Naim's broad-based professional background in architecture, land development and construction management makes him well versed in innovative designs that are aesthetically pleasing, yet are economically feasible.

  • Creativity and innovation are synonymous in our designs. Our facade designs are distinguished by symmetrical, harmonious progressions achieved by intricate yet gradual changes in floor plans and articulations of balconies. We relentlessly endeavor to develop the finest designs and plans we believe are second to none.

Free Formed Windows
The rectangular sliding windows are 'framed'...
Being Hands-on
Mr.Naim and the team...
Unique Architecture
Mr. Naim's unique flair and understanding...
All Fluid, All Evolving
The ceiling follows the same...
The Breakfast Room
This is a heavenly sculpted room that...
Underlying Forms
The underlying structure of the unique...
Constant Change in Transformation
The structure looks seamless with a constant change in...
Shaping Things Up
A snapshot during the...