M. Naim

M. Michael Naim

M. Michael Naim graduated from the School of Architecture at the Pratt
Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 1980. He is known for some of the most
beautiful condominiums notably in Beverly Hills. He has a broad based
professional background in architecture, land development and construction
management. His innovative designs are aesthetically pleasing yet
economically feasible.

In 1981 Mr. Naim started to work for Abraham Shapiro A.I.A. (later Nadel &
Shapiro), where he collaborated on high rise condominiums on Wilshire
Boulevard. Afterward he was a project engineer of Mirabela Luxury, a high
rise condominium on Wilshire Boulevard. Mr. Naim has also worked with the
late Jack Chernoff A.I.A. who had the most prolific apartment & condominium
architectural practice in Los Angeles and custom homes in Beverly Hills.
Mr. Naim has taken the ideas of his mentors and molded them into the
creative and beautiful designs he has produced. His fašade designs are
distinguished by symmetrical, harmonious progressions achieved by intricate
yet gradual changes in floor plans and articulations of balconies.